Campus Group Companies (CGC) began its long and productive history over 65 years ago. Campus Group Companies initially produced media for companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  With Steve Campus at the helm of the company in the early 70’s, Campus Group became a preeminent force in the production and delivery of a variety of communication products.  Campus Group later branched out to produce meetings, including stockholder meetings, product launch meetings, and corporate special events and incentive meetings.  CGC has more than 30 years experience producing high quality meetings.

While CGC has a history firmly rooted in the pharmaceutical industry, we have also provided strategic communication and media services to companies in a wide range of industries.  CGC has been a source for production for small and medium size businesses as well as the largest Fortune 50 companies.  We have a strong commitment toward producing videos and meetings that meet the needs of our customers.  We offer a customer centric approach.

Presently Campus Group Companies offers a diverse range of products and services including Video and Graphic Production, Meeting Planning and Production, Satellite broadcasting, IP-based videoconferencing, Webcasting, Webconferencing, and Audience Polling Solutions.  CGC operates three key divisions, including Campus Productions, Interactive Conferencing Network and Audience Response Systems.  With these three divisions, we are a turnkey provider of communication products and services. 

  • Campus Productions offers video production, scripting, development of concepts for corporate image, internal communication and meeting production services drawing on Campus Productions’ areas of expertise. 

  • Interactive Conferencing Network specializes in satellite broadcasting, IP-based videoconferencing, webcasting and webconferencing services.  Learn more about ICN. 

  • Audience Response Systems provides audience polling solutions for its clients.  ARS offers a variety of wireless keypads (for lease or purchase), software, and skilled technicians, which enables a client to poll its audience during a seminar meeting, training or classroom event.  Learn more at audienceresponse.com