About Us

Campus Productions - A Customer Centric Approach

Campus Productions (CP) is perhaps the most well-known of the Campus Group divisions. This is due in part because it is the division with the longest history, but also because of the variety of high visibility successes CP has had over the years, particularly with pharmaceutical industry clients.

In addition to developing high quality video production for product promotion, education, and training, CP also specializes in producing corporate meetings that feature a full complement of its services and expertise. These events include annual stockholder meetings, product launch meetings, corporate special events and incentive meetings.

CP offers complete client services from creative concept development to producer and directorial services, scripting, highly experienced technicians and crews, and the dedication to meeting client needs.

CP also works in tandem with other Campus divisions including Interactive Conferencing Network (ICN) in providing uplink origination and coordination from any location, as well as production services for both satellite videoconferencing and multi-camera webcasting and web seminars.